Monday, December 14, 2009

training to run - week 4: day 2

I skipped my running on Saturday and instead did it yesterday at Wall Doxey State Park. It was nice to get a change in scenery, but my run was terrible.

It was the same as the last run: run 3 minutes, walk 1 1/2 minutes, then run 5 minutes & walk 2 1/2 minutes (x 2). However there were a couple factors which made it a little more difficult.

First of all: hills. There were many more hills than I am used to and I wasn't as prepared for them as I had hoped to be. I got extremely tired about halfway through.

Wetness. There had been a lot of rain on Saturday and I found out that my shoes are not the best at gripping wet pavement. Thank goodness I'm getting new shoes for Christmas.

On my last 5 minute run, I stopped halfway through. I couldn't breathe well and I was just tired. I walked for a minute, then finished out the last minute and a half. After I walked back to my car I ran for another minute to make up for what I had skipped.

Still, it made me feel horrible to not finish. So what I think I'll do is try the last run of the week and if I still am struggling, I'm going to repeat the week. I read somewhere that this is a good thing to do if your endurance isn't building as quickly as you'd like.

Also I've started a calorie counting diet (using an app called Lose It on the iPhone) that requires me to log in everything I eat/drink. So far I haven't gone over my limit for the last few days, though I got close yesterday! We had a meal at church and let's just say I ate well.

I got a Christmas present for myself last is a iPod nano, 5th generation. I got it to use with the Nike+ system & shoes that I'll be getting for Christmas from the parents. It's an awesome little machine. I wish my old iPod did half the things this little guy does.

Well that's all for me at the moment. Enjoy your day...and I have a post coming in a day or so that DOESN'T have to do with running!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

training to run - week 4: day 1

I just finished day 1 of week 4 of my Couch to 5k program...and I thought I was going to die.

First of all it is COLD outside! At the moment it's 28 degrees out.

Secondly, I was required to run 3 minutes, walk 1 1/2 minutes, then run 5 minutes & walk 2 1/2 minutes (twice). Overall that was 16 minutes total, which (to me) is a lot.

I have been done for over an hour now and feel pretty good. This whole week will be the same type of running and I can't wait to continue building up my endurance.

Monday, December 7, 2009

training to run - week 3: days 2 & 3

Want to hear about a busy Saturday? Then you, my friend, are in luck.

I had planned to get up and run early on Saturday, but as my alarm went off I just wasn't in the mood. Friday night I'd been at my cousin Taylor's house to eat and hang out with him, my uncle Anthony, aunt Son Cha, and family friends Yassir & Michell Janah. I didn't get home until close to midnight and had to be in Memphis the next morning to watch Anthony, Son Cha, and Yassir compete in the St. Jude marathon. I decided to just wait until later in the day to run.

I ended up walking around downtown Memphis from 9 AM until close to 2 PM following the runners/looking for Yassir. After getting home I headed down to work on our church's float for the Holly Springs Christmas parade. I walked alongside the float as it made it's way through town for about 45 minutes.

All this to say that I was pretty exhausted by the time I got ready to run. Corey Garner, who walked along during the parade, wanted to run with me, so I waited a little while for him to get ready. I opted to run around the well-lit square rather than go out to the cemetery at that time of night.

I mentioned last time that my ankle had begun hurting after my run on Thursday. Saturday night it throbbed but overall didn't hurt too badly. I finished up and kept my same pace throughout and Corey did pretty well considering he doesn't run.

Sunday was a different story. My ankle was in some pain. It wasn't swollen but kinda hurt. I bought a brace for it and it made such a big difference. Today my ankle felt great, and I ran without much problem at all.

The runs for these days were the same as Thursday's; a 1 1/2 minute run followed by a 1 1/2 minute walk, then a 3 minute run followed by a 3 minute walk and then everything repeated once.

I went ahead and did extra stretches afterward and iced my ankle for precaution. I've worn my brace tonight but at the moment I feel great. I think what I'm experiencing is backlash from years of not staying in shape catching up with me.

Starting Thursday I will be on week 4. I'm 1/3 of the way through my training! And so far it's been very rewarding. I'm already wearing jeans that I couldn't fit into a month ago and my belt is fastening at the smallest notch. Not too bad for 3 weeks of running!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

training to run - week 3: day 1

I decided to blog every day that I run rather than weekly, since I would more than likely forget details that I consider important.

After Monday's run, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off before starting again today (Thursday). I decided to do different exercises on Tuesday afternoon, including benching, sit-ups, and squats. And I overdid it. Wednesday my walking was like that of a zombie...slow and lumbering, complete with various moans/groans.

So this morning when I woke up I was pretty bummed to find that my legs still felt like death. I got a little nervous about running this afternoon on shaky, hurting legs. But by the time this afternoon came around I was getting around pretty well.

I got home and headed out to warm up before my run at around 5 PM. My first run was refreshingly easy. It was for a minute and a half, immediately followed by walking for the same amount of time. I can really feel my stamina picking up during each week.

After that run/walk combination I ran for 3 minutes straight with a walk of 3 minutes directly afterward. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be.

The program called for me to repeat that entire sequence just one time. When I finished, I wasn't nearly as winded as I have been in the past. All signs are looking great for these 9 weeks to be effective.

Saturday I will be cheering my aunt & uncle (and Yassir) on in a marathon for St. Jude in Memphis. I look forward to checking out their techniques and maybe learning a thing or two from them.

Oh I almost forgot to mention this...

When I was running my second 1 1/2 minute run, I felt a cramp or pull or something in my right leg, just above my ankle on the inside of my leg. Afterward, I rubbed it and stretched more before my final 3 minute run, but on the walk home it still felt irritated. I bought an ankle support brace to alleviate the pain (which really isn't that severe at this point) and it feels fine right now. But yeah...anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?

Until next time...

Monday, November 30, 2009

training to run - week 2

I just finished week 2 of my Get Running program. I have to say that I'm feeling really great and in better shape after each run.

This past week's running worked like this: 6 repetitions of running 1 minute 30 seconds and walking for 2 minutes. It may not sound too difficult, but after not running for a few years it is quite challenging.

The first day of running was last Thursday...that's right, Thanksgiving. I made the executive decision to run early, before my special day of consuming deliciously unhealthy foods. Judging by the turkey induced coma/hangover I incurred, I believe I made the right choice. The rest of my day consisted of watching Home Alone and sleeping.

As for the running, I was pleased to find that running an extra 30 seconds wasn't as hard as I'd imagined. At least not for the first couple sets. After the third set I was so winded that I could barely breathe. The British-voiced woman on the program spoke up afterward, telling me that I was halfway done and could turn & go home if I needed to. After a moment of contemplation, I turned my headphones up a notch and ran harder. It's a good feeling when you don't give up.

Speaking of music, I'm finding that pop radio produces a lot of great running tunes. In heavy rotation at the moment is the new Weezer album as well as select Black Eyed Peas songs. And Miley Cyrus. Ahem.

Saturday was day 2 of week 3 (got that?) and I was happy to discover that I didn't become winded until after the 4th set of running/walking. However that morning the sun decided to come out and I had to shed clothes. I had worn a light track jacket and a beanie and both of them ended up hanging from a low branch on a tree until I finished.

One thing I realized on Saturday was a pain in my lower stomach. I recognized it immediately, thinking back to the days when I ran in high school. My carbonated drink habit had caught up with me. Even though I was only drinking 1 every other day, I could still feel it. My decision? Cut 'em out.

After that realization, I also decided to cut back on food somewhat. I began portioning it out a little better later on that day and the next and, in turn, had the best running experience of all today.

I went out after doing some warm up stretches into the cold dusk after work this afternoon. On my walk to my running grounds (local cemetery that is packed with nice paths & such) I was sure to warm up even more, stretching my legs out and walking very briskly.

Once I got to the cemetery and was prompted to run ever so politely by the friendly British voice on my iPhone, I felt some pain in my leg and side. I decided to go ahead and keep running, and after a minute both of the pains went away. I assume I just had a couple cramps I hadn't stretched out. My next obstacle was breathing. I have a bad habit of taking short breaths which tire my body very easily.

I pretty much had to regulate my breathing as I ran, teaching myself to breathe in slowly and exhale slowly (like Wii Fit has taught me). That was no easy task, but I found that I had much more stamina and by the 6th run, I had found an amazing pace and felt I could run forever.

So that was week 2. If you're reading this and you're a runner, please give me some pointers! I would love to hear what anyone out there can share.

Monday, November 23, 2009

training to run - week 1

A couple weeks ago I got the itch to do something productive and healthy for myself. I decided to start running. So I went on a short run one afternoon to see what I could was ugly.

I felt like I'd taken a Tyson punch to the gut while simultaneously a giant hand squeezed my lungs until I nearly hyperventilated. Out of shape is another way to describe how I felt. Of course that wasn't really a surprise since I've been carrying around some extra weight for a little while now.

Despite my initial discouragement I decided to seek help. Since my iPhone is always on me in one way or another, I thought I'd look to see if there were any apps for training someone to run. Turns out there are quite a few! I decided to use one called Get Running ($2.99 on App Store).

Get Running trains you slowly from a novice level to a full-fledged runner. Or so I read. I had to give it a try.

So this past week I did just that, and I have to say that I feel pretty good. The first week of training consisted of 3 days (like, for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) of alternating running/walking. To begin, a pleasant-sounding British lady starts speaking instructions, telling you exactly what to do. You start by warming up for 5 minutes (I just walked briskly for this time period) and, after the 5 minute period is over, she comes back over your headphones and tells you to begin your first run.

After a minute's time your first run is over. She then instructs you to walk for a minute and a half, only to run again for another minute. Overall the run/walk combo repeats 8 times.

What's cool is that while this is going on, you can play your music in the background. I have an awesome playlist full of pop music that gets me pumped (I'm on sort of a pop kick these days).

Also noteworthy are my running grounds: the local Holly Springs Cemetery. You may think it's weird, but the cemetery is full of paved trails and hills that prove to be challenging for me as a beginner. Not to mention it's easy to run when a ghost may or may not be chasing you...

My first day of running was TOUGH. I managed to finish with only 2 thoughts of suicide...I kid. I did want to stop and just go ahead and let my heart explode. It was pounding like crazy.

The second day was even harder, much to my surprise. My muscles ached, as did my knees. After my 4th round of running/walking I felt like stopping. The program actually gives you a chance to stop if you so choose after the 4th round...but I didn't do it. I had to prove to myself that I was serious. I was actually proud of myself after I finished out.

Today I completed my first week of running in a different location. I had left some clothes at my parents' home in Waterford, including my running clothes. So I went back down there today since I had planned to go there anyway for dinner and ran along the surprisingly busy streets. I also had a chorus of dogs barking their hearts out at me as I ran past their territories. At one point I had two dogs trailing behind me. Anyway, to my surprise and good fortune, I didn't get winded until I finished my 6th round today. This was a marked improvement and gives me hope since the next week (beginning Thursday) I will have to run for a longer period of time.

You may ask why I would be doing this at 26 years old. Well I used to run in high school, but I never really took it seriously. I did it because I was talked into it, basically. But after the year my brother has had with cancer and its' complications, and after hearing of benefit runs to raise funds and awareness for a possible cure, I think it's a great thing to be part of. Also just being able to use my body for good seems like such a liberating and spiritual thing. Not to mention I'll be in pretty great shape!

So until my next complete week of running, enjoy life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

in loving memory of the recently deceased

We have lost a few people around home these last couple weeks. Nothing I can type or emote can help the families who have lost so dearly, but in my own way I would like to pay them a small tribute.

A teenager and her mother whom I love lost a grandmother and mother, Mrs. Valentine, who from what I hear was a great lady. I didn't know her personally, but I know her family...and they are so very dear and special to me. I was able to visit them at the funeral home last weekend and they have been in my prayers. She is in a better place, though...with no suffering and illness, where she can truly rest.

Also last weekend was the funeral for Mr. Cleveland Culver, an older gentleman I have known since I was born. He always had encouraging words for me growing up, and I recall going to his house one summer with my parents where he and his angel of a wife Mrs. Janie gave us fresh vegetables from their garden. He was a farmer and worked very hard all of his life. He lost Mrs. Janie a few years ago but he still kept his faith and smiled every time I saw him. I hated to hear of our loss of dear Mr. Cleveland. Days after his death, a relative (cousin, I believe) Mr. Robert Culver also passed away. He lived a little down the street from the house where I grew up, and was always outside with his family enjoying life. Both men will be greatly missed.

Tonight I heard the news that Mrs. Margie Minor died in her home. She was also special to me growing up. When my mom and dad had to work, Mrs. Margie would take my brother and I in and feed us. We played with her grandkids. She was so very funny and happy. She and my mom would talk for hours it seemed almost daily. I remember being her computer helper while a teenager, helping her print old family photos. I also remember her having us do chores, which I didn't mind. She would always pay us and bring drinks and snacks while we worked. She had many medical illnesses but was always positive. A couple years ago, though, she had a stroke and was only a part of who she used to be. But one look into her eyes and you could still see the same Mrs. Margie we all knew. I am greatly saddened to hear of our loss, but once again...she is far from pain now.

God bless all of these, and their families.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my list of band names

A friend texted me this afternoon asking if I had any ideas for band names. His band is going through some changes and I guess he either

a) thinks I have good ideas or

b) was extremely desperate for ideas.

At any rate, I was in a pretty jovial mood so I gave him a list of suggestions. Some of which I will list below. Prepare to grimace and moan at the horribleness!

Unknown Caller

The Fantastic Joneses

Thomas and the Tank Engines

Sunnydale High

The Text Messages

The LOLs

The Space Heaters

Madden 3052


Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Curtains

Cars on Blocks

America's Most Wanted

Fun Times

Fast Times

Candle Wax

A Bunch of Dudes Playing Instruments Well

He didn't seem to care for my suggestions. Hmm. Wonder why?

Friday, October 23, 2009

in the rarest of forms

I just made a pot of coffee so strong that it punched me in the face and bench pressed me 30 times before eating all my raw eggs, breaking down all my doors, and pouring itself into my stomach.

Funny blog TONIGHT (or tomorrow, or whenever I can get to it) about band names! Trust me you DON'T want to miss this one!

Did that work? Are you excited? Good. Prepare to be let down SOON!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a twitter convo about a michael jackson halloween costume

Today, Andy and I had a funny Twitter conversation about an awesome Michael Jackson Halloween costume (which is priced at $200.00) and made puns using MJ song titles to illustrate our disappointment in the price gouging. I laughed, so I figured I'd share it.

adamwrobinson I wish I had the $$$ for this!

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson $200? Ridiculous! I mean, it's awesome and all, but wow! If they're going to charge that much for a costume they can beat it.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson (Do you see what I did there?)

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose I did and I'm impressed! They obviously wanna be startin' somethin'. (Back at ya)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson They must think their company is some sort of smooth criminal organization to be ripping people off like that.

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose That's what you think? You are not alone.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson Hahaha... having fun? Don't stop 'til you get enough. (you stole the one I was going to use next)

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose You know these Halloween costume companies? They don't care about us.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson I know, man. I don't understand how their CEO can look at the man in the mirror and be OK with what he's become.

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose, do you realize the way you make me feel? I'll tell you how I feel...BAD!

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose (that's a two-in-one, you're welcome)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson This is One day in your life You can't win. I'll Rock with you until you Scream. This is it - your One more chance.

adamwrobinson@DYMongoose Wow, that's a lot.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson You've been served, son! lol...

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose Leave me alone! (that's a MJ song...)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson part of me wants to declare victory, but Another part of me wants to give you partial credit for going out like that.

Can you come up with more?

Monday, October 12, 2009

music, movies, and the Creator

I am off work today thanks to Christopher Columbus. I'm celebrating by watching movies and fiddling with my guitar. Also I'm consuming much Dunkin Donuts coffee which will inevitably lead to a violent crash later.

Lately I've been writing a lot about music, and I'm sorry if that's boring...but it is almost like I'm living a dream of sorts. Anyway, the SMASH Band has been getting a lot of opportunities to play at different events lately. Last Tuesday night we played my old high school's beauty pageant (random, huh?) and it was really fun. It's odd because we play Christian praise music and yet we were still invited. Different people came up to me and the others (Lena, Corey, and Hayley) and gave us many compliments. That was nice, but it was a blessing to even be able to play in such a public place. We didn't just do praise though...we played a Tom Petty song, too.

This past week a few more "gigs" have opened up, including a Halloween thing and next year's homecoming at church. Then last night a friend IMed me about playing at a coffee house in the next couple months. I'm trying to find a good assortment of music before I take on this challenge. I'd actually love some input of good acoustic style songs if you have any suggestions.

Anyway, spiritually the last few months I have been somewhat in limbo. I have very strong faith one day, muted faith the next. It's annoying. But I'm bombarded with such negative vibes from most of America regarding Christianity that it's sometimes hard to not start questioning. The more I read and hear people's thoughts, or see my Christian brothers and sisters (inadvertantly or otherwise) making us look ridiculous, the less faith I have.

But something occurred to me today while watching "Love and Death" (a Woody Allen movie, not especially profound but somewhat helpful in this season of my life). There are a few different discussions between Allen's and Diane Keaton's characters about whether or not God actually exists. These are funny moments, but no conclusive answers are given. At one point an angel appears to Allen and tells him something that absolutely does not happen. A "sign" that he's been looking for the entire movie. Yet even after his death, he doesn't denounce God, just calls him an "underachiever". Well, maybe that IS denouncement after all. Anyway, I loved the movie but my mind started churning up a pretty nice thought after it was over, which was also comforting.

I disagree with Allen's character, I think that God is the greatest achiever. I believe in Him being just, and in the fact that He loves us enough to let us make our own decisions. Does He know what we're going to do? From what I've read and understand, yes...but doesn't it take real love to allow someone to do what they please rather than force them into something? Yes He commands us to worship Him and to follow certain moral guidelines...but those are for our own good. Whose life isn't better because of not murdering someone? Whose life hasn't benefited from peaceful living, from giving to the needy? I believe in blessings. I believe in "doing unto others...". And going back to not forcing us to do things...I should clarify something. God has made situations in my life where I didn't have much of a choice but to follow His directions. But I still HAD a choice, just not much of one. But I don't want to disobey, I'd rather do my best for His work. However if others would like to do otherwise, that option is there. I think about Jonah, running and running and constantly tripping up before finally submitting. But it's also possible that after all his ordeals, he could have still run away from what God wanted.

Anyway, I hope that made sense. I have just been thinking a lot lately. And this conclusion I've come to seems profound to me, and makes me a little more hopeful.

Oh yeah, I wanted to bring something else up. Who else thinks the title "God" just isn't big enough? I feel like that name has been used and abused so much that a lot of the meaning has gone away. Plus when I hear these fake preachers on TV (or in real life) use it, I cringe. "Gawwwwddd!". Same for Jesus. "Jaysussss!". Does anyone else cringe at that?

It feels good to blog again. Until next time...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my musical evolution

It's no big secret that I love music. Around age 15 I learned to appreciate music as more than just sounds in the background of my day to day life. Still, I never fully understood the complexities of actually creating music. I knew that music (done correctly) sounded great, and for years people had been perfecting the craft. A few years later I decided I wanted to join in.

However, as teenagers often do, I became very enthusiastic and then apathetic extremely quickly. I took guitar lessons and soon after they just stopped. Partially because my guitar teacher stopped giving lessons and partially because I discovered girls. But the love for music never ceased. I would dream of playing music that would touch people and those dreams continued for years.

As I entered college and then afterward the working world, I grew farther apart from music. No longer was it something tangible; rather it was an enjoyable escape from a long busy day. But something changed...

I got a new job back home in March of 2006. I started going back to my old church. Not long after re-emerging there, I was asked by two wonderful people to join their youth ministry team. I started teaching occasionally and mentoring, which was great. It kept me very busy. But all along I felt a call for something else. I wasn't sure of what it was, although it should have been very clear to me all along.

After a couple years of working with teenagers and attending camps with them, the thought was brought up by someone else to start a band for our Wednesday night services. I won't lie to you, I wasn't sold on the idea at first. I've seen plenty of bad bands and assumed I'd only become part of one. The idea left and I went along with life.

The next year (2008) we attended another camp where the idea was brought up once again. I was asked to spearhead it. At this point I hadn't touched an instrument in years, and had never sung in public (save one time, which was an extreme embarrassment). To say I was less than enthusiastic would be a safe statement. However, I felt the calling which I know as the Spirit telling me to try. I picked up my old beat up Ovation acoustic guitar and tried to play the few chords I remembered. I was horrible. A youth (who would later become a youth worker) who plays drums pushed me, though, and we tried some songs. Nothing. I was terrible. But I still felt the call. I bought a DVD by Jean Welles which refreshed my memory and greatly helped me to improve. Songs I remembered from my youth popped into my head and I got excited!

Months went by and the vision expanded. We started a band and began inviting the youth who were musically inclined to join in. It became a very free thing...a band where anyone was welcome to come and play and, to be Biblically cliche, make a joyful noise. In the meantime, I found my style. I found my voice. I got enthusiastic!

A year later, the music ministry I am blessed to be a part of has gotten much bigger. We've been invited to play special events at church. Lena (part of the ministry team along with her husband, Blaine) and I have been invited to a few different churches to play at events and services. Our band, the SMASH Band (named from our ministry, Student Ministries at Spring Hill) has been invited to play and share in the next two weeks, not counting our Wednesday night services.

Through all this, though, I realize that it has nothing to do with me. I was the doubting one. This ministry would exist with or without me. But I'm happy that God will continue to push and not give up as easily as we (I) may. It's been a blessing for me personally and my dreams are becoming real, even if no one realizes it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

old times

Clay and I went back in time last night...not literally, but through the wonders of the internet we were able to go back and read old blog posts from Xanga. Thank God our sites are still active. It was quite a nostalgia kick to read entries from 2003/2004 and see what I was up to.

All the jokes and heartaches and friendships I read about really made me look at where I am today and how much I have changed. First of all, I'm not nearly as funny as I used to be. I guess that happens when you turn 26 (like I did this past Wednesday). Second, things don't affect me in the way they used to. One little thing could completely ruin my day back then, whereas now I'm a little more passive. My friends are all still part of my life, but let's face time moves on, so do people. Reliving all the experiences I had back then really made me happy to have lived through all of it.

As we read things to one another, Clay mentioned that he wished things could be the way they used to. I agreed, somewhat. But we all have to grow up...get jobs, make new friendships, accept responsibilities, get married (in his case). And I wouldn't trade where I am now for anything. Life has had it's rough spots, sure, but even a few years ago I didn't know nearly as much as I do now. I miss the hangouts in Tupelo, I miss having everyone around all the time and planning fun weekends. I miss the random road trips and the thrill of being on my own for the first time. But I also love having life experience and being self-sufficient.

All in all, I'm thankful for having blogged my past (almost) seven years. Looking back is fun, but as I once heard a criminal say on some HBO documentary, looking back will only make you go back. Looking down will make you go down. Looking forward...that's the way to look.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dealing with it

If you want some good reading, check this blog out. It's my brother, who is currently going through some chemotherapy for some cancer I alluded to months ago. He just started and is chronicling the experience, which I think is a great idea. But then again I love to write.

Although that doesn't seem to be true, does it? At least not here lately. I've sort of got a full plate to deal with, what with leading the youth band on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, squeezing in some fun musical sessions with my friend Steven on Thursdays, attempting a social life on weekends, and serving as a deacon at church. Oh and having a day job. Can't forget that one.

Also here lately I feel as if I am even more thrust into the role of peacemaker/peacekeeper with people at work/church. It's a hard role to fill, to be honest, and is very taxing. Why can't everyone just chill? Life is too short to be upset all the time.

However I wasn't "chill" for a while. I was in a pretty bitter mood toward God after learning of Ben's cancer. It didn't (and doesn't) make much sense to me, but eventually I realized that a lot of things don't make sense. All I can do is support and help any way I can, and blaming a supernatural being for a problem seems like a pretty archaic way of thinking. I have friends who have given me advice/scripture and of course He has shown Himself through various methods (usually other people at the right times...not coincidence) as He usually does.

But feeling helpless has renewed my faith, in a way. I am more prone to trust rather than panic. That's a nice feeling, too.

In closing, I will try and write more in the future. In the meantime, read what Ben has to say. It's pretty funny and very real.

Monday, July 6, 2009

the selfish I

I am a letter. A word, also. The letter/word "I", actually. I may seem narcissistic, sure, because you'll find that I am used many times in modern speaking. That's not by accident, either.

The English language is perfect for me. Most Americans speak English as their primary language, as do many other nationalities. However the Americans are the most self-absorbed. You would probably lose count of how many times I am referenced daily. If I had a Twitter (@I), I would be mentioned many times over. That's just how it goes.

Even in today's lazy texting fad, I still get respect.'ve probably seen those versions of me. While words like "love" and "you" get tossed to the side, I am intact.

So please, continue! I (and you) love the adoration. And trust me, no one will know just how great you are unless you use me. Well, unless you use "I", rather.

Monday, June 22, 2009

adam's reasons: reasons to quit facebook

I started doing a new thing on my Twitter today called "Adam's Reasons". It's a list of things that strike my fancy. Today's was "Reasons to Quit Facebook". I felt the need to repost and perhaps write more than 140 characters on each reason.

1.) People at work ask me questions (loudly) based on info they gather from comments on my FB.

This happens usually every day by one or two people. Today it was "DID YOU FINALLY GET TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT? I READ WHERE YOU WERE HAVING TROUBLE!!!" Maybe this will teach me to not be so candid...

2.) Applications. They're fine on iPhone, not so much on FB. I don't wanna take a quiz. Don't wanna hatch an egg.

My aunt loves sending me crazy things to do on Facebook. However, I use it to talk to people/attempt to be funny. Not to see how well I know someone and not to play games. Except poker...that one is awesome.

3.) The 50+ crowd is taking over. Popping up on chat, leaving embarrassing notes on your photos...

My uncle Bob got me good on this one a few months ago. I visited my friend Corrie in Florida last year and posted pics on Facebook. He wrote a very embarrassing comment about her being "the one" and after I responded that we were friends, he wrote another comment saying "I was hoping she was more like a girlfriend". She was tagged in the pics. You can imagine the discomfort.

4.) Annoying sidebar ads. No I will not pay a monthly fee to flirt with hot Christian singles...

Every day. Every day I see these. So annoying. And also, I don't want to listen to some crappy knock-off band that kind of sounds like MuteMath. I really don't.

5.) I just got a friend request from a dude in a thong. Enough said.

Um...yeah I'm leaving that one alone.

Expect more of these in the future!

Friday, June 12, 2009

crazy friday (wardrobe malfunction)

DISCLAIMER: Nothing too bad on this post, but it's concerning a woman and a private area on her torso. Just so you know...

To elaborate on my tweet/FB status:

"Crazy Friday. I had rude customers, Wendy's got my sandwich order wrong, oh and I saw a big woman's boob. This one's going down in the history books."

Nothing in that status/update as interesting as the last thing I wrote about. The woman's boob. This is how it happened.

I was minding my own business, fixing some problems with past-due payments and such. Pretty much having a normal day. Then this customer comes in whom I have known for a long time. She's...strange. Nice, but definitely "out there". She used to dress like a man and even grew her own 'stache. True story. Pretty awesome mustache, too.

Anyway, she came in to see her cousin, a co-worker of mine. Since her cousin was gone to lunch, the lady came in to see me. She was talking to me and I noticed that she was dressed like a woman today. As I looked at her clothes, a yellow t-shirt and shorts, I noticed a few gaping holes in the shirt. Ok, I thought, just an old beat up shirt. I'm guilty of wearing those in public, too, sometimes. I thought nothing more of it until she raised her arm. At that point one of her sagging breasts popped out of the hole. My eyes grew wide and I immediately looked her in the face for the rest of the conversation. I contemplated telling her, but how do you go about that??!? So awkward. So she continued talking and then stood up, pushing it out even further. I was a little creeped out. She got closer to me to say goodbye and I turned my head.

She then walked out of my cubicle and everyone in the bank saw her dangling participle. It was the talk of the day. Well it was a hot topic, at least until we found out that a coworker has had two of her dead dogs in her freezer for two years waiting to bury them.

I don't know which is crazier!

i'm baaaaaack

It's been a while, eh? Well I actually have things to talk about! Maybe taking time off between posts is a good idea.

I broke my iPhone a couple months after buying it. I have a new one now. Along with taking better care of it, I'm also addicted to a few games.

First, Mafia Wars. It's so fun. Bruce got me into playing it. If you play, let me know and we'll join each other's crew, bust heads, and maybe become made men (or women).

Second, Live Poker. It's cool because it connects with your Facebook and you can play with your friends online and steal their (fake) money!

Just Fillin' is next. You just blow up bubbles and try not to get them popped by mines. Sounds dumb, but it's really fun.

Two more. Wheel of Fortune! You know what it's about. It's not just for 80 year olds!

Finally, Peggle. If you haven't played Peggle yet, DO IT!

Our band at church has been getting more and more gigs (if you want to call them "gigs"). I have played a couple things with Lena solo at our church (for Easter) and at another church a few weeks ago for a women's retreat. This past weekend we played at a graduation party for one of my youth. Needless to say, the ministry is really growing.

I made a Facebook fan page for our band, and put up a song. You should give it a listen if you have time. Here's the link.

I still love Twitter, too. My name on there is adamwrobinson. Let's follow one another.

Even though I stopped following him on Twitter (too many posts, mostly pointless), I can't deny that the guy makes good music. Did you see John Mayer on Conan last week? He played "California Dreamin'" with his Trio. I've always liked this Mamas and Papas song, and this twist is equally cool.

That's it for me today. Have a good weekend people!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

my life meets "the office"

Yesterday, Kaley Anderson said things that I say about my job sound like things that happen on "The Office". Therefore I will use the faces of Jim Halpert to explain how I looked/felt during a recent (like 15 minutes ago) experience, or "episode", if you will. The customers will be played by Dwight and Angela.

A couple walks in to my cubicle and I greet them with a smile and ask how I can help them.

The couple remarks that they need something notarized.

I say "Sure, whatcha got?". They respond by looking at each other in a very mean way...

...and the woman says "...divorce papers".

I feel very awkward, look straight ahead, and say nothing.

The end.

Monday, April 27, 2009

new stuff

This weekend was awesome. Double Decker was amazingly fun, and I saw a bunch of my friends who I haven't hung with in a long time.

I broke my iPhone last week. I found a website that sells iPhones for a very reasonable price...but it's from China and the site is in all sorts of broken English. If you have any leads, hook a brother up! This Go Phone isn't going to last too much longer.

The music for the SMASH Band is also still going swimmingly. I may have jumped the gun on announcing that I was doing music for camp this year...I was a back up. Instead, my good friend Ben Lane will be leading us, which gives me the opportunity to jam with him and also relieves my responsibilities as I will also be a counselor.

I ran into a former youth the other night that said he remembered something I told them once in a lesson. I was flattered...I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm making a difference!" He went on to say it was once when I was complaining about how slow people drive in Holly Springs. He just moved to town and has experienced it for himself. So, it wasn't that profound...but at least he remembered something!

I just tried the new Hot Pocket steak and cheese panini. I had high hopes but they definitely fell flat. Steer clear of that one.

To close, you should all get on Twitter. It has really taken over my life. That actually sounds doesn't say much for my life...

Oh wait, I can't stop writing without giving some music recommendations. This is what I'm currently listening to:

The Fray- The Fray (album)
Jason Mraz - "Make it Mine"
Barenaked Ladies - Au Naturale (album)
Ryan Adams - "Like a Fool"
Silversun Pickups - Swoon (album)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my luck

Don't you hate it when a really good looking girl comes up and waves at you, wanting to talk, but someone blocks you? Or you're too busy and don't have time to chat? Or they catch you looking at them? Or you have nothing to say at the time, then think of the PERFECT thing later?

Yeah, me too.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

weekend & thoughts

This past weekend, I was part of a great Disciple Now in Batesville. My bud Soul Train, who is youth pastor in Crowder, MS, asked me to come hang out and help teach his boys during the weekend.

I had some great kids. Ben, Tanner, Cole, Will, and B.J. were all very respectful, good guys who kinda helped in recharging my batteries. I've been running on low here lately, what with all the family stuff going on. Todd Agnew brought the music and speaking, and actually influenced me in my own music ministry. His band was really cool...stripped down yet it still sounded full. He played electric guitar, had a drummer and a bassist. That was it. I dug it. I'm going to try and incorporate both different songs and style in our worship, maybe even starting at band practice tonight.

In other news:

I went to my brother's house after the weekend and watched TV/WrestleMania with him Sunday night. Thanks so much for the prayers. It was good to see him up and going again.

In a throwback to my last post, a few different people told me I shouldn't support LiveStrong because Lance Armstrong is an athiest. Well, I researched and he's actually agnostic. So our religious views don't match up. I say, big deal. I'm supporting his charity, not his faith. Besides, how can we as Christians be influences to other people if we just shun them? Seems like faulty thinking to me.

Friday night at Wall Doxey State Park, we're having a communion service at 7:00 PM (I think...could be 7:30). I'll be playing a few songs, we'll have a speaker, and you should come if you're around.

And finally, the new U2 album is very very good.

Friday, April 3, 2009


My brother's cancer he was dealing with is GONE! Yes, gone! Thank you, God.

I took him out last night. I was going to the Apple Store in Germantown, and I knew he would probably want to get out of the house. After buying a new case for my iPhone (which is so cool, btw), we went to a few stores he wanted to visit. I was tapping away texts to my buddy Walker, telling him everything that had been going on, while Ben looked around. He came out of Finish Line and said he'd gotten me something. It was a LiveStrong bracelet. Having dealt with the same thing as Lance Armstrong, I think Ben has a certain kinship with him now that can't be denied. We both put the bracelets on and I don't think I'll ever take mine off.

So I have had the idea now to buy a couple LiveStrong bracelets every time I see them. I think I'll just pass them out to people. Support this cause.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

playboy channel = explicit??

Really?! This is unbelievable! (sarcasm) (link)

What did viewers expect, "Lassie"? I love stupid news...

bad weather

I just took this pic from my office window. What a view...yeah right. Supposedly we're on tornado watch...kinda looks like jolly ol' England...

-- Posted From My iPhone

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

questions for God

I was asked about a month ago to do the devotion tonight at church for the adult group. Basically that means I will be leading music downstairs and then hightailing it upstairs to talk to the "big church". With all that's been going on this week (my nagging sinus troubles, my brother's illness which I will get into in a bit), I had almost decided to cancel. But I started writing and things began pouring out of me.

A little backstory: My brother had a tumor removed last Friday and we found out yesterday that it was cancerous. Tomorrow the doctor tells us what to do about it. Ben is in high spirits, and we're holding out hope that it's treatable or, better yet, gone. This has been weighing heavily on my mind, naturally, and so I had many questions for God. Typing this out proved to be very therapeutic.

So here it is:

I know people talk about the questions they would ask God. I’ve got a few.

First of all, I’d ask why He’d put up with people if we just fail?

Next I’d ask about sicknesses. Certain ones that we can’t cure. Where do they come from and why can’t they be explained?

I’d probably ask lastly why there are so many unexplainables in life?

Yet deep down I think I know the answer to that. Things happen that we can’t understand. Faith calls us to trust in Him as He works. That’s easier said than done. It takes some deep meditation and dedication. Love isn't exactly easy to understand.

So I’ve decided to break down my questions further. Find out for myself what it all means.

To find out why He’d put up with us even though we fail, my search defaults back to love.

1 John 3:1 says, "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him."

Okay, so if the world knew Him, it would certainly be a better place. That’s a given. We fail because so many of our fellow people don’t know Him. That’s a call to action for us as Christians. We’re called to spread the word of God, the love of Christ, daily. So the answer to that question is that we are to fix the fact that people are failing. It’s our duty.

Next up is the sickness question. Sometimes we are given things to test our faith. Sometimes we reap what we’ve sown, sometimes we bring it on ourselves…other times, it’s a test, like Job faced. Or maybe it's a way to help someone else with a story of recovery.

2 Cor 4:16-18 says, "Therefore we do not give up, but even if the man we are outside is wasting away, certainly the man we are inside is being renewed from day to day. For though the tribulation is momentary and light, it works out for us a glory that is of more and more surpassing weight and is everlasting; while we keep our eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen. For the things seen are temporary, but the things unseen are everlasting."

The main verse I found to answer my last question is from Romans. I wonder why there are so many things I can’t explain. Why is that? Then I think back to the woman who was bleeding uncontrollably, yet Jesus healed her by her faith alone.

Romans 8-28. "All things work together for those that love the Lord".

One of my bosses tells me this a lot. It’s great encouragement, and proof that we don’t have to know all the answers. Knowing who controls everything really can be good enough.

Monday, March 30, 2009

testing out blogging from my iPhone...

A nice pic I took the other day in Oxford...

-- Posted From My iPhone

cool things, and not so cool things. so, really, cool things and lukewarm things.

I got a check this weekend that actually helps with some bills. Nice! God's good in that way.

I lied when I said I'd put up pics this time. Maybe next post.

Hung with my bro all weekend. He had some major surgery last week. Awaiting results on all that...and we'll find out tomorrow. Drop to your knees and put your hands together on that one, please.

I've currently been sorta lazy on the Wii Fit. That doesn't look to change much this week, as I've contracted some sort of coughing, wheezing, sneezing, snotty illness. My Mii is gonna be so fat next time I get on.

I'm excited for tomorrow night. That's band practice night. I am also getting some songs together for a Good Friday thing I'm doing at Wall Doxey State Park. Last time I played/sang in a park it was a complete disaster. But that was years ago and I'm much better now! If anyone knows some good Easter related songs, hit me up with them. I'm drawing blanks...

This weekend I'm helping a buddy (Soul Train) with a Disciple Now in Batesville. The speaker/worship leader is Todd Agnew, who I'm not super-familiar with, but am excited to hear.

Finally, I'm loving Twitter. If you Tweet, follow me.

That's it for today. Good day, everyone.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

return of the ish

I had posted earlier, but something messed it up. Stupid Blogger.

I'm so glad today is Thursday. That means it's casual day here at the old workplace, the Office is on tonight (new episode, too!), and the weekend is quickly approaching. Can't beat that.

The last time I posted, I was about to have painful kidney stone surgery. Well, obviously I made it through alive and well. It knocked me out of commission for almost a week though...that was nasty stuff.

Two weeks ago, I went on a ski trip in Colorado with some friends/family. It was awesome...I remembered a lot of techniques that I was sure I'd have forgotten. I had a much better time than last year.

On that trip, I became obsessed with Wii Fit and the iPhone. I bought both when I got home. I'm currently broke, waiting impatiently on my next pay day (tomorrow)...

Also with all that's been going on, I have lost more weight. I'm down to the target I had set previously months ago, and am now working toward a new goal. Then I'm stopping. Counting calories/burning them off isn't exactly "fun".

Speaking of fun, I'm posting pics next time. Enjoy your day, Bloggerites.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i need your thoughts/prayers

I have an invasive, painful surgery Thursday to get my kidney stone out. Not being too graphic, this is what will happen: the doctor will be entering my you-know-what and breaking the stone, and then pulling it out. Apparently my stone has doubled in size over the past four months that I've been harboring it, and it would be crazy (not to mention unhealthy) to leave it in any longer.

However I will be in quite a bit of pain for a while. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers Thursday morning at 8 AM.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

about my musical weekend

This weekend was a good one...I played music with my band at Spring Hill on Saturday night for a Wild Game dinner...yeah, it is what you're probably thinking. A very Mississippi event where people brought in various animals they had hunted and prepared. For example, there was rabbit, wild hog, deer, etc. If you can kill it and cook it, it was probably there.

The meat (no pun intended) of the story for me, though, is that Friday night at practice I had some real pre-show jitters. As you may (or may not) know, I lead worship for our youth services on Wednesday nights. I'm still a novice at guitar (but improving weekly), but enjoy singing and doing what I feel God is telling me to do...lead others to Him through music.

Every week we have a rotating cast of musicians from our youth group come in and play/sing, and it's really this cool grassroots type of thing. We've put our own spin on some traditional and contemporary songs that get the kids a little more pumped than they are at our Sunday morning hymn-based worship hour. As fun as it is, however, it's a daunting task at times to direct people on what to do, especially since I am as previously noted a novice.

Back to the jitters: our only type of music that we play is Christian. Worship music, more specifically (is there any other kind?). I didn't know how well it would mesh with the crowd we were sure to have on Saturday night. I let a few people talk me into a nervous state, too. I was pretty unsure of how we'd sound/ what people would think about our were some of the people putting the event together (who asked us to play initially...go figure). So we practiced and it sounded okay, if a bit chaotic. We had 5 guitarists, including me, and relegating who plays what seemed to be a case of "no one is going to be happy". I was stressed.

Saturday seemed to be the longest day. We were to start practicing at 6:00 PM, and I woke up early that day. Luckily for me, my Dad knew the exact words to say. He called me randomly Saturday afternoon as I was fumbling around Wal-Mart aimlessly, and I just opened up. I was a little stressed and it showed. My Dad gave me some real words of encouragement about how we were doing what God called us to, and regardless of what people thought, the focus is on Him anyway. That calmed me more than Dad knew, and helped me to feel more comfortable and the jitters to go away.

So I don't know if we sounded okay or not on Saturday night. Maybe we did, maybe not. But it felt good, and it felt right. I think that's what matters anyway. We sang and played for God alone, and even got a round of applause. But the clapping meant almost nothing compared to the peace that came along with what I feel was our purpose.

Friday, February 20, 2009

new mutemath!

Do yourself a favor and get this. Click the pic. I just bought the vinyl and t-shirt deal, with digital download. Good stuff!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

another update...

First off, I'm on Twitter now, so if you do that sort of thing...let's follow each other.

Second, I cut all my hair off. It had gotten pretty long, with the front bangs grown out to the point where they looked decent. It was just too high maintenance for me at this point, and I kind of like the short look. However, teenagers don't. I went to church last night and was setting up for our music and was practically booed out of the building! Teenagers are all about appearance, you know. One girl wouldn't speak to me (!!!) and another asked, "Do you even WANT a girlfriend?!?". I had to laugh at that. Teenagers are funny.

Let's see...other news...I may be going to see the Flight of the Conchords in April in Nashville. I am helping with a D-Now in mid-April that has Todd Agnew as the speaker/worship leader. I have never really been a big Agnew fan, but I am into it couldn't hurt! Plus, those are fun to work anyway.

Also, I'm making my second ski trip to Breckinridge in two weeks. I have been working out and training for this trip for a few months, and still don't feel like I'm ready. We'll see when the time comes, though.

I've made some cool purchases here lately, too. I bought an ION USB Turntable. I have quite a few vinyl albums that I either don't have, can't find, or don't want to buy on CD/mp3. This record player plugs into my computer and I can record the songs into iTunes. Pretty awesome.

Another cool thing I found was a Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS at the soon-to-be-out-of-business Circuit City for $175.00 as opposed to the regular $279.00. My brother got one for Christmas and I've kinda had GPS envy. This was a good find.

I also started a new doctor in Southaven, who seems to think I can kick this kidney stone trouble once and for all. That's refreshing. A cool thing about going to see him is that I can visit one of my favorite little record shops, Disc-O-Tech. It's such a cool little dive place. I found some good music there this week, including a disc from this blues musician by the name of Robert Cray. I went to see him play at Ole Miss a few months ago and the guy was awesome. So that is my music recommendation for the day. "Heavy Picks" by Robert Cray. He's been around since the '70s and still sounds as relevant as ever.

Friday, February 6, 2009

daniel fast

“In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” Daniel 10:2, 3

I'm on day 5 of my 21 day Daniel fast. I'm not necessarily mourning, but I am in deep prayer over certain things, people, and situations in my life. For example, I'm using this to further my dieting (down to 182, btw) as well as to heal myself from kidney stones. And I'm finding that things are coming to me more easily when I'm fasting. Our music at church the other night was really good...and I'm not being arrogant. Words just came out of my mouth with more meaning. My guitar sounded much better than usual. There was feeling...yearning...hunger.

Last night I sat down and wrote part of a song. I haven't been able to do that in a long time! I have been truly inspired.

Also yesterday, my kidney stone decided to try and hurt. Rather than take a pill, I stopped and prayed. Hard. I laid down on my couch and closed my eyes. After a few minutes I didn't hurt anymore. How about that?

As for the food...I'm not giving up on food all together. What I eat are very simple things. I will eat vegetable soups, vegetables alone, fruit...and that's about it. Other than water. No meats, breads, flavored drinks (except smoothies...they're OK. Though I doubt Daniel had smoothies.).

The good thing is that I already feel better and more refreshed. I'll keep the blog updated on my status.

Friday, January 30, 2009

the ever popular "25 things" list

I filled this out on Facebook, and figured it'd translate well...

25 Things About Mr. Adam Robinson

1.) I will tell anyone, any place, any time, that Victor's Pizza in Holly Springs is the best pizza in the world. Hands down.

2.) I had a band in high school called Falcon Mouse Reunion. I played guitar. Horribly, too, I might add.

3.) On my Sirius radio, two of my presets are the 90s pop station and an Outlaw country station. Take that, pretentious music people!

4.) I have had a blog since September 2003. I used to blog on Xanga but now have one on Blogger. I don't update as much anymore, but it's something I can't stop doing. I like to write.

5.) I have only owned two cars...a 1994 Saturn and a 2000 Mustang. I really want a truck though. You can't live in Mississippi and not have a truck...

6.) Some of my favorite musicians/bands which may come across as bizarre: Prince, Eddie Money, Jay-Z, Bee Gees, Blondie, Kanye West

7.) I liked vinyl before vinyl was cool (again).

8.) My ultimate life goal is to own a record shop. I already have playlists made that would make awesome background music...

9.) My right pinky toe doesn't have a joint in it.

10.) I like to paint. Kinda lazy with it though. Usually one painting takes 6-7 months. I've been working on a small one of a mountain shot I took last year in Colorado for a looooong time. I have to be motivated, I guess.

11.) I am extremely afraid of heights, but two of my favorite things to do are to fly in airplanes and ride roller coasters. Figure that one out.

12.) No offense to Gary, Bruce, and Ben (all former roommates), but I actually enjoy living alone.

13.) When I lived in Oxford, I got pulled over at least 7 times, but never got a ticket. That's lucky.

14.) I work with teenagers at Spring Hill, and they have given me the most unflattering nickname ever: Dirt. I hated it at first, but I have really grown to like it. (It comes from our former pastor, who once in a sermon said that the name Adam means "from the dirt".)

15.) Once at Northwest, I fell down an entire flight of stairs. Also, a guy tried to fight me there. I also (reluctantly) made friends with one of the weirdest people on planet Earth. Senatobia is a different world.

16.) When I worked at Big Star (grocery store), I turkey bowled on my last day. For the uninitiated, that means you set up 2 liter drinks in the formation of bowling pins and slide a frozen turkey down the aisle, trying to get a strike. We got in trouble...but hey, it was my last day!

17.) Also at Big Star, a lady knocked down an entire display of glass jars of mayonnaise. I had to clean it up. This is why I absolutely hate mayo. I smelled it for days.

18.) Once, when we were kids, Ben and I got into it because he wouldn't let me play the Sega Genesis. I picked up my BB gun and threatened to shoot him. To further my point, and because I thought it wasn't loaded, I shot it in the air. It knocked a hole in my ceiling. I made him swear to not tell. Somehow, my parents never noticed and he never told.

19.) I once had a meth dealer/maker stop me in the middle of the road and pull a gun on me. I hit the gas and got out of there. He was later taken care of by the police. He actually shot at a few people driving.

20.) In art class my junior year of high school, me, my cousin Taylor, Jason Carter, and a couple other guys had to write a play, make costumes, and act it out. Somehow we came up with this idea about aliens coming to Earth and these two drill sergeants fought the aliens with the help of two pimps. Yes, pimps. I don't know how we got away with it.

21.) My senior year, I had a running joke with Amber Smith where almost daily I would run down to the parking lot and jump on the hood of her car as she pulled out. It was good harmless fun until one day I jumped on a car that looked just like hers but was actually some Mom. The woman slammed her brakes and I fell off and took off running.

22.) Before, during, and after my friend Clay's wedding, all of us groomsmen quoted lines from Superbad. It was hilarious.

23.) My first "big" concert to ever attend was Matchbox 20 in 1998. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

24.) I had never been to the beach, ever, until this past October. It was quite an enlightening experience.

25.) When I was 12, I went riding bikes with a friend. We stopped at some old guy's house, because I later found out that my friend's step-brother would get weed from this guy. The old guy came outside and offered me a joint. I smoked it and ended up running my bike off the road and breaking my leg. Just kidding, I said no and high-tailed it out of there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


My gosh, can you believe the media buzz that is surrounding Obama? I wish him all the luck in the world but the guy's got some heavy years ahead of him. HBO had a concert special all day long on Sunday, and the inauguration was an event like I'd never seen before. I don't recall that many people going to see George W. be inaugurated, or Clinton for that matter. I just know that now the festivities are over and the pressure is on. Best of luck, Barack.

In other news, I have decided one thing for my future. I will not name my son(s) (if I have any) a name like Jaden...nothing cutesy. No offense to anyone with those names, but I just can't see a full grown man introducing himself as Jaden. I think my son would despise me in the future.

I haven't made any living arrangement decisions. I don't know if I will move to that house I mentioned before or not. Not that anything is wrong with it, just I haven't heard anything else out of the guy who is vacating it. Besides that, I've got my apartment almost exactly the way I wanted it. My landlord has fixed all the problems (broken downstairs glass door, big florescent light bulbs that needed to be replaced, etc.) and I'm kind of comfortable living there. It's definitely a bachelor pad, though. Most people who come up and see the place generally like it, except for most girls who get freaked out by the big bathtub (which an old man died in, actually) with the feet on it. I know that it's no place to raise a family, but I don't exactly have one at this point. It's a good place to live my bachelor years.

My diet/exercise program is still ticking. I have noticed some results, but nothing drastic. Time will tell, however. I watched a show the other night called "Half Ton Mom" about a woman who was 800 lbs. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and then died later of heart complications. But she tried, and while I'm still under 200, it made me decide to stick to keeping myself healthy.

It's become somewhat of a tradition for me to close with a music recommendation. I'm hammering a song into my head here's called "My Heart, Your Home" by Watermark. Lena is wanting me to learn the guitar parts to it so we can perform it some Sunday morning. It has some complex guitar techniques that is really challenging me. Anyway, it's a good song and you should check it out.

Until next time...stay classy, bloggers.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

welcome, 2009

Man, have I neglected this thing. Every once in a while I feel the urge to write, but something inevitably comes up. But since our system is down at work, I have absolutely no excuse.

My holiday season was a good one. I have tons of pics that I took with my new Sony digital camera (10 MP, which seems good to me!) that I will post later. Cool thing: this camera has a feature that will stretch someone's mouth into a smile if they were not, in fact, smiling. It is kind of creepy, but also hilarious.

The diet was put on halt, as there was no way I could possibly keep up with it what with the visits to grandparents and other various friends/family. I mean, good food was raining down from the heavens for two straight weeks. But now I'm trying to get back into the swing of healthy eating/exercise. Not exactly easy.

I have also cleaned my apartment and it feels good. I went to an auction with my parents on Saturday to buy things to accompany my newly clean apartment and found a huge clock, a shelf, and a lamp to hang on the wall. It was really great.

Also at that auction, I met my mom's gay friend Nathan. Knowing my mom (and especially my dad), it's pretty funny that she has a gay friend. He seemed really nice, though, and helped my mom buy some facial cream. He also was telling her about botox, which I'd rather her not do. Don't need a fake mother running around, no matter how "fabulous" she would look.

But something else I've been considering is: moving. Not far away or anything, but actually just down the street. This guy I know is buying a house, and his current house is going up for rent at only $50 more than what I'm paying right now. It would be nice to have a house rather than an apartment that requires climbing 2,000 stairs (and braving the alley-cats behind my house). I'm putting the numbers together to see if it will work out.

Well our computers are back up and running, so I will leave you with my latest musical favorite.

That's right. It's Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak". Before you nay-say, it's really quite good. Kanye has been through a tough year, and this is his release. If you liked him before but got tired of the cockiness (as I did), you'll enjoy this. Try it out.