Monday, December 22, 2008

how ghetto is holly springs? part 1

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

update on the diet, plus much much more

First things first, I lost 3 more pounds last week. That's 5 total, bringing me to 188. Eight more pounds until my goal. After that, I'm going to set a goal a little farther back. But one step at a time.

To aid my weight loss, I've begun tricking out my decidedly un-tricked out bicycle. I mean, it's pink and purple for crying out loud. However, it's a 10-speed that my brother's ex-girlfriend gave to me a few years ago (thanks, Michelle!) and is still in good condition. The seat is kinda tough, though, so I bought and installed a new one this weekend. Also I bought new brake pads that I found for $1.00 at Wal-Mart. Not bad, eh?

Also last week, something happened to me that I didn't know was even possible. I slipped on a banana peel as I stepped out of my car. I've seen it happen in many Looney Tunes, but never in real life. It was a little traumatic but much more funny. Especially for all the people who saw it. No one laughed in front of me, but I know that as soon as I dragged myself up my stairs, the chuckling began.

The big news this week has been the oncoming potential ice storm. I woke this morning to a car completely frozen over. Once I got my door open, I realized I had neither an ice pick nor a can of de-icer spray. Then I saw an old Limp Bizkit CD from my old roommate's collection lying in my backseat. It made the perfect pick.

On a more serious note, however, I was extremely touched this weekend. We took the youth to a children's home in Independence, MS where we played Santa to the 15-16 kids living there. They sent us Christmas lists and, due to a nice donation we received, we were able to buy each kid 2 gifts. Then they had us come play basketball/soccer/football with them until we had to leave. These kids were so grateful...they all hugged and high-fived us numerous times until we had to drive away. Needless to say, this place will continue to be a mission spot for us in the future.

And finally, I'm trying to learn Christmas songs for Wednesday Night Worship (what we call our weekly service). Since Christmas is pretty much here, if anyone knows any songs I could learn pretty easily (I'm still a novice) then I'd appreciate the tip. I have learned Silent Night and play a pretty funky rendition of Jingle Bells...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas with weezer

Weezer did a few Christmas songs, and here are two of them. The rest are on YouTube, if you feel like checking them out. I am totally in the Christmas Spirit.

The First Noel

O Holy Night

Friday, December 5, 2008

official weigh-in

Alright, I weigh in today at...drum roll...191. I lost 2 pounds this week! And it wasn't easy, either. I really had to resist some good food. And completely drink water all week. Also, not eat after 9:00 PM. I have always eaten after 9, so that's a hard habit to break.

But I feel better, and confident that I can make it the rest of the way.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have never thought of myself as weak, but I really want some chocolate.

I've been eating mostly fiber-based foods as of the last 3 days. Water and occasionally tea has been all I've drank. I like the food I'm eating. The Kashi Lean cereal I'm having in the morning is good, as is my daily pear. Lunch is pretty good, with the whole wheat pita bread and turkey and assorted nuts and berries. But I would kill someone for chocolate.

Perhaps I chose the wrong month for dieting. Maybe? But I do feel more alert and happy now that I have better stuff in my system. Still...chocolate.

Anyway, onto other things. I have recently discovered If you don't know, it's a music site where you choose your favorite bands/artists and it plays their songs for you. It's nice to have going at work and, if I had internet at home, it would play constantly. You should check it out.

Also, speaking of music, the Raveonettes have put out a Christmas EP called "Wishing You a Rave Christmas". It's really good, if you like foreign garage rock.

Other great Christmas albums: James Taylor put one out a year or so ago, as has Relient K. Depending on your tastes, I'd check 'em out.

Alright well I have to get back to work and NOT eating chocolate. And tomorrow...weigh in.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

correction, plus a cool thing

I was wrong in my last post. I hadn't adjusted my scale. I officially weigh 193 pounds. So that means 13 pounds until my target weight. I feel better already!

And now, a cool thing. A coworker told me about this thing at Wal-Mart called RedBox. It's a DVD rental vending machine that costs $1 per day. I rented "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", which I had seen once before, and just finished watching it again. Hilarious. I love RedBox.

Tomorrow (or, today rather) the great diet/exercise plan begins!

Monday, December 1, 2008

a new leaf. dieting. yeech.

This weekend, it hit me. I had to buy new pants that fit better.

After that, I went to the store and bought a scale. I decided to find out exactly how much I weighed and then find out my ideal weight. Based on my height (5' 10") I should weigh around 180 pounds. I looked that up last night. I didn't get on the scale until today.

I weighed in at 200 even. That is the most I have ever weighed in my life. I feel self-conscious, my legs and stomach have gotten the most of the extra weight. Every once in a while I get told that I've "really put on weight" lately. It's been within the past few years. I weighed 150 lbs. just 4 years ago. There are different reasons why I haven't kept the weight off, whether it be general laziness or stress or whatever. I'm sick of it though, and it needs to go.

However, I have no one to keep me in check. That's where this blog comes in. I will weigh myself every Friday and discuss my week in dieting/exercise. I hope to lose the weight in a few months. I'm smart enough to know to pace myself, and don't want to binge. I want a healthy lifestyle and a weight I can manage.

So if anyone reading this knows any tips that could be benificial to me, please let me know!