Monday, June 22, 2009

adam's reasons: reasons to quit facebook

I started doing a new thing on my Twitter today called "Adam's Reasons". It's a list of things that strike my fancy. Today's was "Reasons to Quit Facebook". I felt the need to repost and perhaps write more than 140 characters on each reason.

1.) People at work ask me questions (loudly) based on info they gather from comments on my FB.

This happens usually every day by one or two people. Today it was "DID YOU FINALLY GET TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT? I READ WHERE YOU WERE HAVING TROUBLE!!!" Maybe this will teach me to not be so candid...

2.) Applications. They're fine on iPhone, not so much on FB. I don't wanna take a quiz. Don't wanna hatch an egg.

My aunt loves sending me crazy things to do on Facebook. However, I use it to talk to people/attempt to be funny. Not to see how well I know someone and not to play games. Except poker...that one is awesome.

3.) The 50+ crowd is taking over. Popping up on chat, leaving embarrassing notes on your photos...

My uncle Bob got me good on this one a few months ago. I visited my friend Corrie in Florida last year and posted pics on Facebook. He wrote a very embarrassing comment about her being "the one" and after I responded that we were friends, he wrote another comment saying "I was hoping she was more like a girlfriend". She was tagged in the pics. You can imagine the discomfort.

4.) Annoying sidebar ads. No I will not pay a monthly fee to flirt with hot Christian singles...

Every day. Every day I see these. So annoying. And also, I don't want to listen to some crappy knock-off band that kind of sounds like MuteMath. I really don't.

5.) I just got a friend request from a dude in a thong. Enough said.

Um...yeah I'm leaving that one alone.

Expect more of these in the future!

Friday, June 12, 2009

crazy friday (wardrobe malfunction)

DISCLAIMER: Nothing too bad on this post, but it's concerning a woman and a private area on her torso. Just so you know...

To elaborate on my tweet/FB status:

"Crazy Friday. I had rude customers, Wendy's got my sandwich order wrong, oh and I saw a big woman's boob. This one's going down in the history books."

Nothing in that status/update as interesting as the last thing I wrote about. The woman's boob. This is how it happened.

I was minding my own business, fixing some problems with past-due payments and such. Pretty much having a normal day. Then this customer comes in whom I have known for a long time. She's...strange. Nice, but definitely "out there". She used to dress like a man and even grew her own 'stache. True story. Pretty awesome mustache, too.

Anyway, she came in to see her cousin, a co-worker of mine. Since her cousin was gone to lunch, the lady came in to see me. She was talking to me and I noticed that she was dressed like a woman today. As I looked at her clothes, a yellow t-shirt and shorts, I noticed a few gaping holes in the shirt. Ok, I thought, just an old beat up shirt. I'm guilty of wearing those in public, too, sometimes. I thought nothing more of it until she raised her arm. At that point one of her sagging breasts popped out of the hole. My eyes grew wide and I immediately looked her in the face for the rest of the conversation. I contemplated telling her, but how do you go about that??!? So awkward. So she continued talking and then stood up, pushing it out even further. I was a little creeped out. She got closer to me to say goodbye and I turned my head.

She then walked out of my cubicle and everyone in the bank saw her dangling participle. It was the talk of the day. Well it was a hot topic, at least until we found out that a coworker has had two of her dead dogs in her freezer for two years waiting to bury them.

I don't know which is crazier!

i'm baaaaaack

It's been a while, eh? Well I actually have things to talk about! Maybe taking time off between posts is a good idea.

I broke my iPhone a couple months after buying it. I have a new one now. Along with taking better care of it, I'm also addicted to a few games.

First, Mafia Wars. It's so fun. Bruce got me into playing it. If you play, let me know and we'll join each other's crew, bust heads, and maybe become made men (or women).

Second, Live Poker. It's cool because it connects with your Facebook and you can play with your friends online and steal their (fake) money!

Just Fillin' is next. You just blow up bubbles and try not to get them popped by mines. Sounds dumb, but it's really fun.

Two more. Wheel of Fortune! You know what it's about. It's not just for 80 year olds!

Finally, Peggle. If you haven't played Peggle yet, DO IT!

Our band at church has been getting more and more gigs (if you want to call them "gigs"). I have played a couple things with Lena solo at our church (for Easter) and at another church a few weeks ago for a women's retreat. This past weekend we played at a graduation party for one of my youth. Needless to say, the ministry is really growing.

I made a Facebook fan page for our band, and put up a song. You should give it a listen if you have time. Here's the link.

I still love Twitter, too. My name on there is adamwrobinson. Let's follow one another.

Even though I stopped following him on Twitter (too many posts, mostly pointless), I can't deny that the guy makes good music. Did you see John Mayer on Conan last week? He played "California Dreamin'" with his Trio. I've always liked this Mamas and Papas song, and this twist is equally cool.

That's it for me today. Have a good weekend people!