Sunday, October 25, 2009

in loving memory of the recently deceased

We have lost a few people around home these last couple weeks. Nothing I can type or emote can help the families who have lost so dearly, but in my own way I would like to pay them a small tribute.

A teenager and her mother whom I love lost a grandmother and mother, Mrs. Valentine, who from what I hear was a great lady. I didn't know her personally, but I know her family...and they are so very dear and special to me. I was able to visit them at the funeral home last weekend and they have been in my prayers. She is in a better place, though...with no suffering and illness, where she can truly rest.

Also last weekend was the funeral for Mr. Cleveland Culver, an older gentleman I have known since I was born. He always had encouraging words for me growing up, and I recall going to his house one summer with my parents where he and his angel of a wife Mrs. Janie gave us fresh vegetables from their garden. He was a farmer and worked very hard all of his life. He lost Mrs. Janie a few years ago but he still kept his faith and smiled every time I saw him. I hated to hear of our loss of dear Mr. Cleveland. Days after his death, a relative (cousin, I believe) Mr. Robert Culver also passed away. He lived a little down the street from the house where I grew up, and was always outside with his family enjoying life. Both men will be greatly missed.

Tonight I heard the news that Mrs. Margie Minor died in her home. She was also special to me growing up. When my mom and dad had to work, Mrs. Margie would take my brother and I in and feed us. We played with her grandkids. She was so very funny and happy. She and my mom would talk for hours it seemed almost daily. I remember being her computer helper while a teenager, helping her print old family photos. I also remember her having us do chores, which I didn't mind. She would always pay us and bring drinks and snacks while we worked. She had many medical illnesses but was always positive. A couple years ago, though, she had a stroke and was only a part of who she used to be. But one look into her eyes and you could still see the same Mrs. Margie we all knew. I am greatly saddened to hear of our loss, but once again...she is far from pain now.

God bless all of these, and their families.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my list of band names

A friend texted me this afternoon asking if I had any ideas for band names. His band is going through some changes and I guess he either

a) thinks I have good ideas or

b) was extremely desperate for ideas.

At any rate, I was in a pretty jovial mood so I gave him a list of suggestions. Some of which I will list below. Prepare to grimace and moan at the horribleness!

Unknown Caller

The Fantastic Joneses

Thomas and the Tank Engines

Sunnydale High

The Text Messages

The LOLs

The Space Heaters

Madden 3052


Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Curtains

Cars on Blocks

America's Most Wanted

Fun Times

Fast Times

Candle Wax

A Bunch of Dudes Playing Instruments Well

He didn't seem to care for my suggestions. Hmm. Wonder why?

Friday, October 23, 2009

in the rarest of forms

I just made a pot of coffee so strong that it punched me in the face and bench pressed me 30 times before eating all my raw eggs, breaking down all my doors, and pouring itself into my stomach.

Funny blog TONIGHT (or tomorrow, or whenever I can get to it) about band names! Trust me you DON'T want to miss this one!

Did that work? Are you excited? Good. Prepare to be let down SOON!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a twitter convo about a michael jackson halloween costume

Today, Andy and I had a funny Twitter conversation about an awesome Michael Jackson Halloween costume (which is priced at $200.00) and made puns using MJ song titles to illustrate our disappointment in the price gouging. I laughed, so I figured I'd share it.

adamwrobinson I wish I had the $$$ for this!

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson $200? Ridiculous! I mean, it's awesome and all, but wow! If they're going to charge that much for a costume they can beat it.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson (Do you see what I did there?)

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose I did and I'm impressed! They obviously wanna be startin' somethin'. (Back at ya)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson They must think their company is some sort of smooth criminal organization to be ripping people off like that.

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose That's what you think? You are not alone.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson Hahaha... having fun? Don't stop 'til you get enough. (you stole the one I was going to use next)

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose You know these Halloween costume companies? They don't care about us.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson I know, man. I don't understand how their CEO can look at the man in the mirror and be OK with what he's become.

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose, do you realize the way you make me feel? I'll tell you how I feel...BAD!

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose (that's a two-in-one, you're welcome)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson This is One day in your life You can't win. I'll Rock with you until you Scream. This is it - your One more chance.

adamwrobinson@DYMongoose Wow, that's a lot.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson You've been served, son! lol...

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose Leave me alone! (that's a MJ song...)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson part of me wants to declare victory, but Another part of me wants to give you partial credit for going out like that.

Can you come up with more?

Monday, October 12, 2009

music, movies, and the Creator

I am off work today thanks to Christopher Columbus. I'm celebrating by watching movies and fiddling with my guitar. Also I'm consuming much Dunkin Donuts coffee which will inevitably lead to a violent crash later.

Lately I've been writing a lot about music, and I'm sorry if that's boring...but it is almost like I'm living a dream of sorts. Anyway, the SMASH Band has been getting a lot of opportunities to play at different events lately. Last Tuesday night we played my old high school's beauty pageant (random, huh?) and it was really fun. It's odd because we play Christian praise music and yet we were still invited. Different people came up to me and the others (Lena, Corey, and Hayley) and gave us many compliments. That was nice, but it was a blessing to even be able to play in such a public place. We didn't just do praise though...we played a Tom Petty song, too.

This past week a few more "gigs" have opened up, including a Halloween thing and next year's homecoming at church. Then last night a friend IMed me about playing at a coffee house in the next couple months. I'm trying to find a good assortment of music before I take on this challenge. I'd actually love some input of good acoustic style songs if you have any suggestions.

Anyway, spiritually the last few months I have been somewhat in limbo. I have very strong faith one day, muted faith the next. It's annoying. But I'm bombarded with such negative vibes from most of America regarding Christianity that it's sometimes hard to not start questioning. The more I read and hear people's thoughts, or see my Christian brothers and sisters (inadvertantly or otherwise) making us look ridiculous, the less faith I have.

But something occurred to me today while watching "Love and Death" (a Woody Allen movie, not especially profound but somewhat helpful in this season of my life). There are a few different discussions between Allen's and Diane Keaton's characters about whether or not God actually exists. These are funny moments, but no conclusive answers are given. At one point an angel appears to Allen and tells him something that absolutely does not happen. A "sign" that he's been looking for the entire movie. Yet even after his death, he doesn't denounce God, just calls him an "underachiever". Well, maybe that IS denouncement after all. Anyway, I loved the movie but my mind started churning up a pretty nice thought after it was over, which was also comforting.

I disagree with Allen's character, I think that God is the greatest achiever. I believe in Him being just, and in the fact that He loves us enough to let us make our own decisions. Does He know what we're going to do? From what I've read and understand, yes...but doesn't it take real love to allow someone to do what they please rather than force them into something? Yes He commands us to worship Him and to follow certain moral guidelines...but those are for our own good. Whose life isn't better because of not murdering someone? Whose life hasn't benefited from peaceful living, from giving to the needy? I believe in blessings. I believe in "doing unto others...". And going back to not forcing us to do things...I should clarify something. God has made situations in my life where I didn't have much of a choice but to follow His directions. But I still HAD a choice, just not much of one. But I don't want to disobey, I'd rather do my best for His work. However if others would like to do otherwise, that option is there. I think about Jonah, running and running and constantly tripping up before finally submitting. But it's also possible that after all his ordeals, he could have still run away from what God wanted.

Anyway, I hope that made sense. I have just been thinking a lot lately. And this conclusion I've come to seems profound to me, and makes me a little more hopeful.

Oh yeah, I wanted to bring something else up. Who else thinks the title "God" just isn't big enough? I feel like that name has been used and abused so much that a lot of the meaning has gone away. Plus when I hear these fake preachers on TV (or in real life) use it, I cringe. "Gawwwwddd!". Same for Jesus. "Jaysussss!". Does anyone else cringe at that?

It feels good to blog again. Until next time...