Monday, March 30, 2009

testing out blogging from my iPhone...

A nice pic I took the other day in Oxford...

-- Posted From My iPhone

cool things, and not so cool things. so, really, cool things and lukewarm things.

I got a check this weekend that actually helps with some bills. Nice! God's good in that way.

I lied when I said I'd put up pics this time. Maybe next post.

Hung with my bro all weekend. He had some major surgery last week. Awaiting results on all that...and we'll find out tomorrow. Drop to your knees and put your hands together on that one, please.

I've currently been sorta lazy on the Wii Fit. That doesn't look to change much this week, as I've contracted some sort of coughing, wheezing, sneezing, snotty illness. My Mii is gonna be so fat next time I get on.

I'm excited for tomorrow night. That's band practice night. I am also getting some songs together for a Good Friday thing I'm doing at Wall Doxey State Park. Last time I played/sang in a park it was a complete disaster. But that was years ago and I'm much better now! If anyone knows some good Easter related songs, hit me up with them. I'm drawing blanks...

This weekend I'm helping a buddy (Soul Train) with a Disciple Now in Batesville. The speaker/worship leader is Todd Agnew, who I'm not super-familiar with, but am excited to hear.

Finally, I'm loving Twitter. If you Tweet, follow me.

That's it for today. Good day, everyone.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

return of the ish

I had posted earlier, but something messed it up. Stupid Blogger.

I'm so glad today is Thursday. That means it's casual day here at the old workplace, the Office is on tonight (new episode, too!), and the weekend is quickly approaching. Can't beat that.

The last time I posted, I was about to have painful kidney stone surgery. Well, obviously I made it through alive and well. It knocked me out of commission for almost a week though...that was nasty stuff.

Two weeks ago, I went on a ski trip in Colorado with some friends/family. It was awesome...I remembered a lot of techniques that I was sure I'd have forgotten. I had a much better time than last year.

On that trip, I became obsessed with Wii Fit and the iPhone. I bought both when I got home. I'm currently broke, waiting impatiently on my next pay day (tomorrow)...

Also with all that's been going on, I have lost more weight. I'm down to the target I had set previously months ago, and am now working toward a new goal. Then I'm stopping. Counting calories/burning them off isn't exactly "fun".

Speaking of fun, I'm posting pics next time. Enjoy your day, Bloggerites.