Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a twitter convo about a michael jackson halloween costume

Today, Andy and I had a funny Twitter conversation about an awesome Michael Jackson Halloween costume (which is priced at $200.00) and made puns using MJ song titles to illustrate our disappointment in the price gouging. I laughed, so I figured I'd share it.

adamwrobinson I wish I had the $$$ for this! http://bit.ly/eAeNJ

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson $200? Ridiculous! I mean, it's awesome and all, but wow! If they're going to charge that much for a costume they can beat it.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson (Do you see what I did there?)

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose I did and I'm impressed! They obviously wanna be startin' somethin'. (Back at ya)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson They must think their company is some sort of smooth criminal organization to be ripping people off like that.

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose That's what you think? You are not alone.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson Hahaha... having fun? Don't stop 'til you get enough. (you stole the one I was going to use next)

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose You know these Halloween costume companies? They don't care about us.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson I know, man. I don't understand how their CEO can look at the man in the mirror and be OK with what he's become.

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose 80stees.com, do you realize the way you make me feel? I'll tell you how I feel...BAD!

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose (that's a two-in-one, you're welcome)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson This is One day in your life You can't win. I'll Rock with you until you Scream. This is it - your One more chance.

adamwrobinson@DYMongoose Wow, that's a lot.

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson You've been served, son! lol...

adamwrobinson @DYMongoose Leave me alone! (that's a MJ song...)

DYMongoose @adamwrobinson part of me wants to declare victory, but Another part of me wants to give you partial credit for going out like that.

Can you come up with more?

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