Thursday, October 21, 2010

late night truths

Well, I'm up late tonight working on school work. I've written two papers and still have a test to study for, but I'm taking a break. I've already played Wii for 30 minutes and watched TV for another 30. Now it's time to blog.

Here are some things I have learned by being awake this late:

1.) Late night TV is terrible.

2.) Every other commercial is for some extraordinary new awesome ab cruncher device.

3.) Delirium sets in.

4.) You tend to contemplate buying said ab cruncher.

5.) Research papers written after 12 AM are kinda fun. Seriously, things get more interesting. Like, for instance, tonight I learned that a doctor who worked for the US government was responsible for the two deaths and the subsequent anthrax hysteria in 2001. When he found out he would be prosecuted, he killed himself. Crazy, huh? I was amazed. The 5 pages pretty much wrote themselves.

6.) Itt seams funee two mispel werdz

7.) Ha ha, that was funny!

8.) Why do people say "Woo!" at concerts when the lead singer says, "HOW Y'ALL DOIN' TONIGHT???"

9.) Seriously, why?

10.) I am too old for all nighters.

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