Friday, January 30, 2009

the ever popular "25 things" list

I filled this out on Facebook, and figured it'd translate well...

25 Things About Mr. Adam Robinson

1.) I will tell anyone, any place, any time, that Victor's Pizza in Holly Springs is the best pizza in the world. Hands down.

2.) I had a band in high school called Falcon Mouse Reunion. I played guitar. Horribly, too, I might add.

3.) On my Sirius radio, two of my presets are the 90s pop station and an Outlaw country station. Take that, pretentious music people!

4.) I have had a blog since September 2003. I used to blog on Xanga but now have one on Blogger. I don't update as much anymore, but it's something I can't stop doing. I like to write.

5.) I have only owned two cars...a 1994 Saturn and a 2000 Mustang. I really want a truck though. You can't live in Mississippi and not have a truck...

6.) Some of my favorite musicians/bands which may come across as bizarre: Prince, Eddie Money, Jay-Z, Bee Gees, Blondie, Kanye West

7.) I liked vinyl before vinyl was cool (again).

8.) My ultimate life goal is to own a record shop. I already have playlists made that would make awesome background music...

9.) My right pinky toe doesn't have a joint in it.

10.) I like to paint. Kinda lazy with it though. Usually one painting takes 6-7 months. I've been working on a small one of a mountain shot I took last year in Colorado for a looooong time. I have to be motivated, I guess.

11.) I am extremely afraid of heights, but two of my favorite things to do are to fly in airplanes and ride roller coasters. Figure that one out.

12.) No offense to Gary, Bruce, and Ben (all former roommates), but I actually enjoy living alone.

13.) When I lived in Oxford, I got pulled over at least 7 times, but never got a ticket. That's lucky.

14.) I work with teenagers at Spring Hill, and they have given me the most unflattering nickname ever: Dirt. I hated it at first, but I have really grown to like it. (It comes from our former pastor, who once in a sermon said that the name Adam means "from the dirt".)

15.) Once at Northwest, I fell down an entire flight of stairs. Also, a guy tried to fight me there. I also (reluctantly) made friends with one of the weirdest people on planet Earth. Senatobia is a different world.

16.) When I worked at Big Star (grocery store), I turkey bowled on my last day. For the uninitiated, that means you set up 2 liter drinks in the formation of bowling pins and slide a frozen turkey down the aisle, trying to get a strike. We got in trouble...but hey, it was my last day!

17.) Also at Big Star, a lady knocked down an entire display of glass jars of mayonnaise. I had to clean it up. This is why I absolutely hate mayo. I smelled it for days.

18.) Once, when we were kids, Ben and I got into it because he wouldn't let me play the Sega Genesis. I picked up my BB gun and threatened to shoot him. To further my point, and because I thought it wasn't loaded, I shot it in the air. It knocked a hole in my ceiling. I made him swear to not tell. Somehow, my parents never noticed and he never told.

19.) I once had a meth dealer/maker stop me in the middle of the road and pull a gun on me. I hit the gas and got out of there. He was later taken care of by the police. He actually shot at a few people driving.

20.) In art class my junior year of high school, me, my cousin Taylor, Jason Carter, and a couple other guys had to write a play, make costumes, and act it out. Somehow we came up with this idea about aliens coming to Earth and these two drill sergeants fought the aliens with the help of two pimps. Yes, pimps. I don't know how we got away with it.

21.) My senior year, I had a running joke with Amber Smith where almost daily I would run down to the parking lot and jump on the hood of her car as she pulled out. It was good harmless fun until one day I jumped on a car that looked just like hers but was actually some Mom. The woman slammed her brakes and I fell off and took off running.

22.) Before, during, and after my friend Clay's wedding, all of us groomsmen quoted lines from Superbad. It was hilarious.

23.) My first "big" concert to ever attend was Matchbox 20 in 1998. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

24.) I had never been to the beach, ever, until this past October. It was quite an enlightening experience.

25.) When I was 12, I went riding bikes with a friend. We stopped at some old guy's house, because I later found out that my friend's step-brother would get weed from this guy. The old guy came outside and offered me a joint. I smoked it and ended up running my bike off the road and breaking my leg. Just kidding, I said no and high-tailed it out of there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


My gosh, can you believe the media buzz that is surrounding Obama? I wish him all the luck in the world but the guy's got some heavy years ahead of him. HBO had a concert special all day long on Sunday, and the inauguration was an event like I'd never seen before. I don't recall that many people going to see George W. be inaugurated, or Clinton for that matter. I just know that now the festivities are over and the pressure is on. Best of luck, Barack.

In other news, I have decided one thing for my future. I will not name my son(s) (if I have any) a name like Jaden...nothing cutesy. No offense to anyone with those names, but I just can't see a full grown man introducing himself as Jaden. I think my son would despise me in the future.

I haven't made any living arrangement decisions. I don't know if I will move to that house I mentioned before or not. Not that anything is wrong with it, just I haven't heard anything else out of the guy who is vacating it. Besides that, I've got my apartment almost exactly the way I wanted it. My landlord has fixed all the problems (broken downstairs glass door, big florescent light bulbs that needed to be replaced, etc.) and I'm kind of comfortable living there. It's definitely a bachelor pad, though. Most people who come up and see the place generally like it, except for most girls who get freaked out by the big bathtub (which an old man died in, actually) with the feet on it. I know that it's no place to raise a family, but I don't exactly have one at this point. It's a good place to live my bachelor years.

My diet/exercise program is still ticking. I have noticed some results, but nothing drastic. Time will tell, however. I watched a show the other night called "Half Ton Mom" about a woman who was 800 lbs. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and then died later of heart complications. But she tried, and while I'm still under 200, it made me decide to stick to keeping myself healthy.

It's become somewhat of a tradition for me to close with a music recommendation. I'm hammering a song into my head here's called "My Heart, Your Home" by Watermark. Lena is wanting me to learn the guitar parts to it so we can perform it some Sunday morning. It has some complex guitar techniques that is really challenging me. Anyway, it's a good song and you should check it out.

Until next time...stay classy, bloggers.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

welcome, 2009

Man, have I neglected this thing. Every once in a while I feel the urge to write, but something inevitably comes up. But since our system is down at work, I have absolutely no excuse.

My holiday season was a good one. I have tons of pics that I took with my new Sony digital camera (10 MP, which seems good to me!) that I will post later. Cool thing: this camera has a feature that will stretch someone's mouth into a smile if they were not, in fact, smiling. It is kind of creepy, but also hilarious.

The diet was put on halt, as there was no way I could possibly keep up with it what with the visits to grandparents and other various friends/family. I mean, good food was raining down from the heavens for two straight weeks. But now I'm trying to get back into the swing of healthy eating/exercise. Not exactly easy.

I have also cleaned my apartment and it feels good. I went to an auction with my parents on Saturday to buy things to accompany my newly clean apartment and found a huge clock, a shelf, and a lamp to hang on the wall. It was really great.

Also at that auction, I met my mom's gay friend Nathan. Knowing my mom (and especially my dad), it's pretty funny that she has a gay friend. He seemed really nice, though, and helped my mom buy some facial cream. He also was telling her about botox, which I'd rather her not do. Don't need a fake mother running around, no matter how "fabulous" she would look.

But something else I've been considering is: moving. Not far away or anything, but actually just down the street. This guy I know is buying a house, and his current house is going up for rent at only $50 more than what I'm paying right now. It would be nice to have a house rather than an apartment that requires climbing 2,000 stairs (and braving the alley-cats behind my house). I'm putting the numbers together to see if it will work out.

Well our computers are back up and running, so I will leave you with my latest musical favorite.

That's right. It's Kanye West's "808s & Heartbreak". Before you nay-say, it's really quite good. Kanye has been through a tough year, and this is his release. If you liked him before but got tired of the cockiness (as I did), you'll enjoy this. Try it out.