Monday, July 6, 2009

the selfish I

I am a letter. A word, also. The letter/word "I", actually. I may seem narcissistic, sure, because you'll find that I am used many times in modern speaking. That's not by accident, either.

The English language is perfect for me. Most Americans speak English as their primary language, as do many other nationalities. However the Americans are the most self-absorbed. You would probably lose count of how many times I am referenced daily. If I had a Twitter (@I), I would be mentioned many times over. That's just how it goes.

Even in today's lazy texting fad, I still get respect.'ve probably seen those versions of me. While words like "love" and "you" get tossed to the side, I am intact.

So please, continue! I (and you) love the adoration. And trust me, no one will know just how great you are unless you use me. Well, unless you use "I", rather.